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Liquid Poetry - Alex Perez

L iquid Poetry

A Ridiculously Spectacular Vodka

Welcome to a journey of the senses. Gyte up close and gyte lost in Gyte Ryte Vodka. This is the real deal. 


A warm and inviting aroma, soft and subtle, drawing you in and waking your senses. The taste is flawless,  intricate, crisp and clean … smooth on the tongue. Goes down easy.


The finish is legendary and meant to remind us of what vodka is supposed to be. No added flavors, no additives or chemicals, just the natural good stuff. This is a genuine tour of extraordinary. Makes you pick it up and go again. Each taste revealing yet another layer of complexity that only Gyte Ryte Vodka can deliver.


Gyte Ryte Vodka is made with intention … from start to finish. Careful selection of only the highest quality ingredients. The winter wheat is curated from the Champagne region of France, known for its agricultural prowess. The water is sourced from the pristine Pacific Northwest … pure, clean and the perfect foundation for our ridiculously spectacular vodka. 


Ultimately, great vodka is all about the water. Our water is nothing short of breathtaking. Yeah, our vodka really is that good.


Gyte Ryte Vodka starts off clean like a few bars of your favorite Jazz ensemble to get you in the mood. It keeps things interesting like the silky soulful vibe of R&B. 


It’ll help you Gyte Ryte every time.

Liquid Poetry - Hazal Tanker
Liquid Poetry - Aroma


Good vodka shouldn’t

smell like alcohol.

Sniff our vodka … it's like warm sunshine so lovely, you won’t smell anything but quality. Period.

Liquid Poetry - Flavor


A sip reveals soft sweetness, it’s complexity has a certain “je ne sai quoi,” almost like you’ve found

the secret of a  lifetime,

but can’t put it into words.

Liquid Poetry - Feel


The mouth feel is

smooth and creamy,

like silk sheets

on your bed.

Liquid Poetry - Finish


Evolving and complex;

let’s gyte it on

just like Marvin Gaye …

you won’t want it to end.

Liquid Poetry - Alex Perez
Certified Gluten Free
{cheers to that!} 
The distilling process removes all the gluten - just leaving behind the shimmering essence of wheat. But you don’t have to take our word for it ... our vodka was tested and certified gluten free by the experts.

Vibe | Imbibe | Repeat
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