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Gyte Ryte BadCat
Gyte Ryte BadCat Animal Print

the codename
for vodka

Sexy, mysterious, mischievous.

All at the same time.


And that's exactly how you like it.


It’s like a whisper … a hushed password.

We hear you.


Only the playmakers, trendsetters and rule breakers gyte in.

You have to prove yourself first.


Show us what you’re made of, BadCat.


Welcome to a new kind of VIP club.

Gyte Ryte Vodka - BadCat
Join BadC at Nation
{we dare you}

Break boundaries ... rewrite the rules ... set the world ablaze!

Being a BadCat requires a certain level of grit and courage ... to break free of expectations, seize your power and create the life you desire.

Be daring ... be bold ... be a BadCat!

Gyte Ryte Vodka is immersed in tradition and the spirit of reinvention. We're taking the Speakeasy culture of rebellion and freedom seekers to the next level with the BadCat Nation, an exclusive VIP club where trendsetters and influencers reign.


Unleash your BadCat in 3 easy steps:

BadCats Gyte Benefits
  • Free Official BadCat Swagg - people are going to stare at your swagg, flaunt it! They will want to know where you got it. But there's only one way to gyte it.

  • Access to Exclusive VIP Events - "can't miss" events, the kind where legends are made.

  • Seasonal Surprises - you won't see it coming ... that's the point.

  • Signature BadCat Cocktails - show your BadCat credentials to gyte access to cocktails not on the menu (at partner locations).


And more!


Purchase 3 bottles of

Gyte Ryte Vodka


You can purchase all at one time

(Overachiever       )

or separately over time

Save your receipts!

Gyte Ryte Vodka


In darkness I dwell, secrets I hold tight,
Once celebrated openly, then hidden from sight.

A liquid elixir, forbidden to possess,
Wrapped in mystery, evading each guess.


Find me where whispers roam, 

a hidden retreat,
Where codes unlock doors, clandestine and discreet.

What am I?

Gyte Ryte Vodka


Solve the Riddle
Gyte Ryte Vodka


  1. Take a photo of your receipts

  2. Solve the riddle in Step 2

  3. Submit your receipts & answer to the riddle by email - click here

We will respond to your submission within 48 hours!!

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