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LuXXXury Bootleg - Rene Bohmer
Gyte Ryte Vodka - LuXXXury Bootleg
LuXXXury Bootleg

Prohibition moonshine had XXX on the bottle

which meant it was triple-distilled & packed a serious punch.

Both signs of good quality moonshine back in the day. 


Everything about Gyte Ryte Vodka is XXXtra. 

XXXtra luxe, XXXtra fabulous, XXXtra delicious.


Our LuXXXury Bootleg® is a powerhouse ... 5-times distilled &

3-times the vodka of any other product on the shelf.


That’s why you’ll find it on the top shelf,

standing tall & blazing XXX for the world to see.

LuXXXury Bootleg - XXX
The Wisecrack

Words that are their opposites ... contradictory but complimentary in some strange magical way. Kind of like an inside joke. Well, we’ll let you in on the wisecrack ... LuXXXury Bootleg®.


We coined this term to refer to our passion for our vodka - making perfect hooch in the old-fashioned way and packaging it up for the modern sophisticated spirit enthusiast.


We took best practices from a bygone era and crafted something amazing ... tapping into our rebel instincts and channeling it into Gyte Ryte Vodka. Our rebellious roots go way back, they run deep in this family.






1920s Prohibition bred bootleggers that were scrappy, risk takers that defied the rules to keep the liquor flowing. They were innovators, entrepreneurs, law breakers and dead-of-night liquor runners. Distilling on the edge. Racing against time to bring their product to the secret world of Speakeasies. 


What made it all worth it was their obsession for making liquor, engineering stills in the woods, morphing Model Ts into legit race cars, and doing deals with the mob. That was all in a day’s work. 


And then there was the glitz and glamour of the Roaring 20s and the Harlem Renaissance. The fashion was ground breaking - and showing it off was a way of life. Coco Chanel, flapper dresses and zoot suits, the “Charleston,” and striking art deco design were all the rage. Legends were born: Langston Hughes, Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, Duke Ellington, Clara Bow, Babe Ruth and Ernest Hemingway.


The world would never be the same. 

And now the world braces for the next legend ... Gyte Ryte Vodka is taking over and writing the next chapter, redefining premium vodka and paving the way for authentic spirits of the highest quality ... there is only one LuXXXury Bootleg®.

LuXXXury Bootleg® is a concept that melds the best of the trendsetter and the rule breaker.  It is the alchemy of Gyte Ryte Vodka.
LuXXXury Bootleg - The Wisecrack
LuXXXury Bootleg - The Wisecrack
LuXXXury Bootleg - The Wisecrack
LuXXXury Bootleg - The Wisecrack
LuXXXury Bootleg - The Wisecrack
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