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Gyte Ryte Vodka - Photo: Carmen-Penaranda
Our Story - Anchor
Gyte Ryte Vodka - Art Deco Logo

Our Story

One hundred years after one of the most iconic eras in American history … Gyte Ryte Vodka celebrates the grit, ingenuity and revolutionary spirit of the 1920s with our own flair to modern day bootlegging.


Our vodka puts a unique twist on the swagger of “Prohibition Funk” … Jazz clubs and Speakeasies, zoot suits and flappers … bathtub gin, Giggle Water and the underground bootleg movement that defined it all. 


Vodka hit the club scene and stole the hearts of Americans … coming alongside other firsts in fashion, music and cultural icons like Josephine Baker, Louis Armstrong, and Bonnie & Clyde. Cocktails became all the rage, and Al Capone and organized crime supplied the hooch.


Drinking wasn’t illegal … but making bootleg was. Prohibition was immortalized by images of moonshine gushing out of overturned barrels and smoke filling the countryside as stills were raided and burned.


Gyte Ryte Vodka rises from the smoke to take its place on top shelves.


It’s our family’s tribute to a bygone era

and our salute to all the rebels, playmakers and

those blazing their own trail a century later.

Gyte Ryte thru everything!


The smooth creamy texture of our Luxury Bootleg tells you this is the real deal. The Art Deco bottle design shows off geometric angles and a bold profile … with a keepsake red shot glass perched on top!


Gyte Ryte Vodka is brought to you by a long-family tradition of bootleggers. 


From our family to yours … Welcome to the BadCat Nation.

The Visionaries
Gyte Ryte Vodka - Cuba Villery

Owner | Bootlegger

My family was doing this long before I knew what it was.  


My grandfather owned a juke club called Buddy Diggs Place … and he was a bootlegger. There was always laughter and music and booze lighting it up. I remember the trucks pulling up out back, the doors rolling up and bottles flying into outstretched hands. All the while, I was sitting on a crate handing my uncle records he was spinning, creating the soundtrack for the backdrop of my life. When the club was empty, I would sneak in, grab the mic and pretend I was the DJ. Every day since then, I’ve spoken my truth, focused on my dreams and created my life as I wanted it to be.

Life was never easy … but I always knew who I was. I never gave up when things were tough, but pushed even harder to get to the next level.


Decades later, life comes full circle. I’m a musician, producer, film maker, inventor … and yes, a bootlegger. I still Gyte Ryte thru everything.

Owner | Bootlegger

Challenge is my comfort zone. I enjoy building my parachute on the way down. My professional track record includes many cutting-edge "firsts" in various industries including show business, destination management and corporate renaissance ... I'm known as a Playmaker for innovation, strategy and complex communications (e.g., I created the first Wine Country license plate in the U.S.). Little did I know my greatest adventure would come from the heart when I met Cuba.


Two months after meeting, he had a brilliant idea … why don’t we create a liquor together? I was like, yeah let’s do it! And we’re not going to make just any old liquor … we’re going to tackle the hardest one to make, with the most competitive market in spirits. Let’s make vodka. Let’s compete with the best of the best!


And that’s exactly what we set out to do! You know you’re onto something when the pieces fall into place and the project takes on a life of its own. Gyte Ryte Vodka is born from our chemistry, our innovative spirit and our deep love for one another. 


There isn’t anything more meaningful than creating and collaborating with your soulmate.


This is just the beginning ... you haven't seen anything yet.

Gyte Ryte Vodka - Angie Villery
Gyte it Ryte

You gotta have a confident swagger when you say Gyte Ryte …

like you've never been more sure about anything.






Gyte Ryte is born from a hunger and passion for life.

Being exceptional without breaking a sweat.


While others are just rolling out of bed …

we’ve already conquered the day.


Everything we touch turns to gold.

Dripping in success, we’re the leader of the pack.


We’re not afraid of failure because we know it’s what we do

in those moments that builds champions.


Challenges, barriers, naysayers - we overcome it all

and gain momentum.


Gyte Ryte thru everything.

You pronounce it “get right” because that’s what we’re helping you do every single day.
Gyte Ryte Prohibition Museum Anchor
Gyte Ryte Prohibition Museum
Welcome to our treasure trove of moments captured from a bygone era that was alive with innovation and mischief the likes of which the world had never seen. The 1920s witnessed an explosion in new fashion, music and literature ... and nefarious escapades cloaked by the shadows and fueled by the underground.

One hundred years later, we reflect on the ingenuity and courage of the Prohibition Era ... the inspiration behind Gyte Ryte Vodka.
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