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Gyte Ryte Deco Tec Hoodie

Gyte Ryte Deco Tec Hoodie


The Deco Tec Hoodie shows off the label design of Gyte Ryte Vodka. Our label brandishes art that has hidden meaning ... tokens to our wheat and the XXX of our delicious moonshine. And if you open your mind and heart, you'll also see the sign for love. Gyte ready to be addicted to your new Art Deco inspired hoodie.


Everything is custom on this hoodie & made by hand - so there will be slight variations in the Gyte Ryte logo, but that's part of the charm of this masterpiece. It's like a fingerprint - yours will be the only Deco Tec in the world with it's custom finish. Made for the most discerning fashionista.

100% high-quality polyester

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